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  • Greg's assistance has been pivotal in allowing our business to manage growth. The financial systems and processes that Greg implemented have been invaluable

    Paul Fennessy, Director - Aspire People Solutions

  • Cabbage Tree has really helped us understand our accounts. They understand the uniqueness of our business and provide proactive solutions to our problems.

    Nikki Joyce, Director - Bear Park, Herne Bay

  • The professionalism of the staff and timeliness of services really makes accounting easy and saves our business a lot of time

    Daniel Paul, Director - Four Winds Communications

  • Cabbage Tree was the first accounting firm that I could relate to and understood me and my situation. This gave me the confidence to launch my new business

    Stuart Hale, Director - iEducator

  • As a small business, we rely on Cabbage Tree to help keep us on track financially. We appreciate the proactive approach and business mentoring that Cabbage Tree provides.

    Brendon Brock-Smith, Director - Igloo Insulation

  • Greg has learned so much about our business and added considerable value in a very short space of time and. His knowledge and on-going support is invaluable

    Helen Mackenzie, Director - Kapiti Candies

  • The service at Cabbage Tree is very personalized. Greg’s simple explanations of accounting issues have made it easy for me to understand our business finances

    Melissa Bowman, Director - Meluka Retail

  • Cabbage Tree takes a genuine interest in our business and provides proactive advice in an enthusiastic and professional manner.

    Scott Pheloung, Director - Zany Trading


The perfect (brain) storm
Friday, February 22, 2013
Author: Greg Byers

Planning a new product or event, or just wanting some direction? It might be time to brainstorm! Effective collaboration is harder than it sounds. Avoid another meaningless meeting and consider ways to get the most from brainstorming:

• Have an agenda, defining the objectives/issues

• Invite a diverse group of people - for content and decision making reasons

• Meet in a fresh environment out of the office

• Plan and use a combination of idea generation techniques (for example, pair up for brief exercises then reconvene)

• Ban cell phones, other devices, noise and distractions

• Create a safe space for people to contribute

• Encourage everyone to share their experiences, wisdom, issues and ideas

• And then shake it up. Don’t’ stick to the programme - let creativity deviate positively

• Make it fun! You’ll get better results

• Keep the pace and momentum up

• Document the output, identify the most productive ideas and develop strategies to put them into play

• Give credit where due

Innovation management will differ in every business. It will also vary depending on who you’ve enlisted to participate in the brainstorming exercise and what the pre-defined objectives are.
Make sure to experiment and streamline your brainstorming process to suit your needs.